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Thanks for visiting. You can find posts more easily by clicking on on the headings here or on any of the categories in drop-down menu. Here’s a brief description of what you’ll find in each category. Happy reading!


This is where you’ll find out all the things I’ve been learning on my walk with God. Whether it’s a scripture or a situation I’ve experienced, there’s something the Lord is trying to teach me and if it’s useful to you, I’ll post it here. Check back regularly for new posts!


So I’m not giving actual music lessons here (although I could). This page is more about the music I’ve been listening to and the lessons I’ve gained from them. One of the ways God catches my attention is through music so I’ve learnt a lot through listening to music. See this as a music review section. Sometimes I can be quite selfish with my music but the Lord is working on me! If you’re looking for new music, this is a good place to start!


This is an area that I don’t think is talked about enough. Our characters are important and they determine how far we go in every area of life. I’ve learnt many lessons in the area of character and I know I still have plenty more to learn. If you’re intentional about improving your character, this is the page for you.


The first post on here should probably be about what ministry is. Please don’t think it’s just about having your own organisation. It is far more than that. Ministry is serving people on behalf of God and so this section will focus particularly on everything to do with service, especially within the body of Christ.


This is a pretty self-explanatory section. Everything I’ve learnt  and still learning about relationships will be posted here. Whether it’s friendly fellowship or romantic relationships, how we interact with each other is key. I’ve probably made most of my mistakes in this area so come prepared to learn. Wise people learn from other people’s mistakes. Check back regularly for new posts!

Career and finance:

Now I don’t claim to be an expert in this area but seeing as I’ll be stepping into them very soon, I intend to learn as much as I can. Hopefully you can learn as I learn. I’ll be sharing posts on dealing with people in the workplace, bringing faith and career together and a whole bunch of things. Look out for new posts!


This is pretty much for any lessons that I’m learning that don’t fit into my neat little categories. They could be about anything and they could come from anywhere so stay in the loop by checking back here regularly!