Why I started ice skating

Most people who know me know that I’m an ice skater. I am not professional in any way shape or form but I hope to be soon enough.

I get a myriad of different reactions when people learn this fact about me. Some of them include:

How unusual! I don’t know anyone who skates regularly.

A black girl that skates? That’s different.

But don’t you get scared that someone will slice over your fingers? I went once and broke my arm. Never again!

I love hearing the different responses in all honesty. They’re great conversation starters. Anyway, after all those comments, it is almost inevitable for people to ask why and how I got into it. So here’s a post on it!

Growing up, I had limited channels on the small TV I had at home but I remember that we had a sports channel. Every so often I would catch the figure skating competitions and I would just be mesmerized by the beauty of it. It’s such a graceful and beautiful sport to watch.

Fast forward a few years and Dancing on Ice started and I just fell more in love with the sport. It’s just so aesthetically pleasing! That’s the why.

The how is pretty simple. I asked my mum for lessons in secondary school and we got it sorted. However, due to the price, I had to stop soon afterwards but I promised myself that I would start again as soon as I could afford to and true to my word, I did! I started my lessons again in January 2018 and I’m still going.

I’m a bit better than this now but you can follow my skating progress on my instagram: @blackgirlsskatetoo.

So that’s my skating story! Ice skating is such a fun way to keep fit and is a great release for me. I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone.

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