Pretty Christianity? We nah av that…

There’s a video I saw a while ago of someone going into a restaurant and everything they asked for was answered with “we nah ‘av dat”.. so that’s where the title came from in case you were wondering.

I write this post for people like me. People who feel like they don’t fit into what “millenial Christianity” has evolved into…. whatever that even is.

There is nothing I love more than going on a Christian’s instagram page and seeing that all the posts are arranged in a cool chessboard like pattern with everything fitting within a nice, neutral colour scheme. Honestly, it is so satisfying to look at… but can I do that? Probably, but it wouldn’t look as good as.. well… theirs. Some people are graced for instagram. I am not… and that’s okay.

Would you believe there was a time I felt less Christian because my instagram didn’t have a colour scheme? Honest to God, I genuinely believed that. How ridiculous is that! I felt less saved because of a man-made platform. What a joke. Like seriously? I am chuckling as I type this because of how ridiculous it sounds. Let me talk about this a little bit more.

In my head, there was thing called Pretty Christianity. Maybe you’ve seen it. Pretty Christianity is gentle and soft-spoken. It’s blazers, skirts and heels every Sunday, colour co-ordinated instagrams full  of perfect photoshoot photos with weekly blogs or podcasts to match. Or the male alternative which is tailored slim fit suits, leading a weekly male fellowship and your beautiful partner who (of course) must also have their own ministry. Oh, and you must have a large following to legitimize all of that. Can I do most of these things? Absolutely. But should I do all those things? Maybe not… and this is why.

I have tried (and failed) to fit into “Pretty Christianity” because that is not how God has chosen to manifest Himself through me. I love heels but sometimes I want to spend Sunday with the family of God in leggings and trainers. Does that make me any less holy? No it does not. I might want to tweet something about my journey to work. Does that make me any less of a believer? No. It doesn’t. All the things I thought I should be as a believer were based on deeply rooted insecurities. I had to learn… and this is the whole lesson of this post… I had to learn to accept the unique manifestation of the Spirit of God within me. I had to accept the personality I was given and see it as a blessing and not a hindrance; an asset and not a liability. You will not find “Pretty Christianity” here. What you will find is humour, energy, the odd selfie and comfortable clothes. It might not always be pretty but it’s definitely authentic.

Every gift given to us by God can be expressed in so many different ways. You may not be creative with your social media but you might be creative with music. Maybe you don’t feel like you’re a good public speaker but you could be an incredible writer. However it’s done, the message is still getting out. I love all the pretty things that I mentioned earlier but it would be futile of me to try to be something or someone God has not called me to be.

So again, I write this for the people who feel like they don’t fit. For the people who if given the choice would not wear skirts or suits everyday. For those who just want to post and ghost. For those Christians who love ice skating, anime, gaming, historical documentaries or whatever interests you have that you think are quirky or unique to you. You might not look or sound like other Christians and that’s fine because that was never the standard we were called to. We are, however, supposed to look and sound like Christ so as long as our words and actions align with His ways, I think we’re okay. Here’s to authentic Christianity.

Oh and if you are good at Instagram post arrangements, holla at your girl!

I make no apologies, this is me.

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